Buying land

We bought land!

We had a lot of “almosts”. There were plenty of lots that were “almost” in our price range, there was the parcel that “almost” had a septic layout that would work, another parcel where utilities would “almost” reach and a piece of land that we “almost” had, but slipped through our fingers for reasons that we won’t ever know.

More than one person mentioned that all these lots didn’t work out because they were not meant to be and something better was around the corner.  We don’t look at it like that, but we did find an amazing spot to build our home that we are in love with .

Why we chose our lot:

  • It is close to a pole with a power transformer on it which is a big deal.  If you can avoid adding utility poles, you can avoid spending a ton of extra money, and you don’t need to worry about the legalities of easements as much.
  • It is close to a fire hydrant which means that we don’t need to have one installed, and we don’t need to hold thousands of gallons of water in tanks on our lot (around here you need one or the other. You have an option of how you handle it, but they are roughly the same price, ~$10,000).  
  • A percolation test had already been completed and the lot “passed” (our lender would not approve a loan for land that did not have a completed perc test)
  • There are multiple paths we can take to get back to town.  This might sound like an odd one, but where we will be living is a rural community and many areas are located on roads where you can only leave via a single street.  When it comes to potentially fleeing from a wildfire, options are good.
  • The lot is just about 5 acres.  If the lot was greater than 5 acres, the structure of the loan changed, which made things a bit more complicated for us
  • No HOAs, and no minimum housing size requirements
  • It is close to family
  • There is plenty of open space that won’t/can’t be built up
  • The views are amazing
  • In a location where summers can be unforgiving, the afternoon breeze provides relief
  • The location is convenient for us.  We will be increasing our commute to school/work, but the path to and from is very linear.  

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