Storm in San Diego
Building Progress,  San Diego Native Plants

Hey lot! I see you.

When we bought our lot 7 months ago, I was OVER looking at land. Up until that point, our experience attempting to buy land had been frustrating and disappointing. We had submitted full priced offers and been passed over, we had been ignored by sellers, there were lots we loved, put offers in on, and then fatal flaws appeared. Every time we put an offer in, I had already imagined our forever on that land. Stupid, but whatever, that is how it went.

So, when the listing for our lot came up, my husband agreed to check out the lot, and be the deciding factor on moving forward with the land. After we put our offer in, and had it accepted that is when I went up to check it out…and I have checked it out dozens of times since then, but never had I ventured lower than our top two acres.

Today. We ventured.

The boys spent their time looking for danger, the husband spent his time playing tour guide with a family member, and I spent my time trying to take pictures of all the plants so I could figure out what we have on our land.

We also found a boulder that we some how missed? How is that even possible?

There were also animal prints a plenty. Hello kitty (maybe? Hi Doggy? It sort of seems like there might be some claws at the end of those pads. I don’t know…do you? Please tell me, I am nervous.)

While we wait on all the things that tend to be slow, to be predictably slow, I was thinking about making a little journal of all the plant species we come across. Silly, but it will still feel productive.

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