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Grading A Lot , Like A LOT

Just when you thought I had ditched the progress photos, I am back with some progress. FINALLY! For those of you keeping track at home, and are wondering how long it takes to get a grading permit through the county, we clocked in at just over four months. Be impressed.

It took a few weeks for the grader we are lucky enough to be using to wrap up his job and squeeze us in between big gigs (see, lucky!), but we were able to break ground and get some forward progress.

CAT excavator digging

As far as the grading goes, we will have a pad and a pretty significant slope going towards our ravine. The first day of grading was clearing the land and digging down to the key way (bottom of the slope). Apparently, you start at the bottom, and build your way up. Additionally, we have had two nuke tests done – far less exciting than it sounds (but it is a nuclear device!). It is just a piece of equipment that tests how compacted the soil is and they check to make sure everything is compacting appropriately so there won’t be any issues with the hill you are creating.

What comes next? After the grading is done, there are some drainage…..things that need to be completed to make ensure the water doesn’t simply run off our lot into the ravine or over our septic area. Once all that is done, then, we have our pad inspected and approved. After we have approval, then we can pull our building permits.

Hopefully we can pull those sooner rather than later.

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