House Floor Plans

How We Got Here

Houses are expensive, my husband and I don’t have fancy jobs, and we live in a state with one of the highest costs of living. So how did we end up building a house instead of buying one?

It all started with us driving by a beautiful little lot a little over a year ago, and a house plan with a snuggery (come on, I am trying to make this a thing). See that tiny hall? That thing that looks like a nook separate from the living area? A place where kids could hang out and play video games outside of the living room? It isn’t as epic as a den, or bonus room, it is just something small and cuddly….you know, a snuggery! This is a thing! Look!

…and that is how this whole house thing began.

We started thinking that maybe there was a way to make building instead of buying work. It took us awhile to figure out the logistics and how to make a snuggery fit into a small house, but here we are!

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