House Floor Plans

Our Small Home Floor Plan

Picking out a floor plan should be easy right? We have been living in our current home for almost a decade, and I can pinpoint exactly what I dislike about our home (1 bathroom!), and what I love (contrary to many, we really love a small home).

When building our own home was nothing more than a dream, my Pintrest boards were filled with house plans we loved. That was all theoretical though because we were not playing with real money. Apparently, when theoretical plans turn in to reality you have to start paying people. Who knew?

All of a sudden, paying for the engineering of a two story home or those floor to ceiling windows I had pinned wasn’t as important as I thought it might be. We all see the beautifully staged blogs, but we are talking reality here, and the reality for us is, that we have to make compromises to stay within budget, and a pretty tight budget at that.

We sifted through hundreds of house plans, and nothing fit our needs. So, we spent weeks making paper models, drawing pictures, trying to scale down larger house plans and continuing to hunt for that perfect floor plan that was exactly what we needed.

Eventually we settled on something that we feel will be perfect for us. It is a funky mish-mash of all those ideas we had, and I love it. Hopefully it will flow, and work out as nicely as we think it will…….because there is no going back now.


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