Building Progress

Twiddling Our Twiddlers

After the initial excitement of getting our first set of plans, we have been sitting back and twiddling our thumbs for the next ounce of movement.

A little more greenery, but not much more progress on building our home

Currently, the DEH (Department of Environmental Health, the folks who give your septic system the thumbs up) is working on approving our new septic layout, which has been a wee bit bumpy for no particular reason. We wanted to shift our leech field to an area below our house instead of above so gravity could do it’s thing. Apparently, the DEH isn’t too hot on the idea of us moving things around and it is taking :cough: some time.

The boys planting a few test succulents. Hopefully they root before it gets too dry.

In an effort to not get flustered by the lack of progress, we did something that we can control. We went out to the lot and brought along some agave, flame aloe and calandrinia grandiflora clippings that we have been propagating. The goal is that they can establish themselves during San Diego’s green season, and the dry months don’t stress them out too much.

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